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Full-bodied, warm and intense.

Dry and pleasantly tannic with mineral notes.

The structure is powerful and at the time elegant which makes the wine approachable already in its fourth year of ageing, although it continues to mature in the bottle and can normally be kept at least 10 years.
Nebbiolo D'Alba
Very rich with excellent structure and an intense, elegant color.

The complexity of Nebbiolo predominates while the oak contributes to its depth of flavor.

Full-bodied with polished and velvety tannins and a long finish.
Dolcetto di Diano
Striking purple colour ad complex flowery bouquet.

Rich, dry, fruity taste with a distinct note of almond.

It is the ideal complement with pasta, fresh cheeses or light main courses.
Roero Arneis
Straw-yellow with greenish highlights.

Intense and delicate with notes of fresh fruit, in particular apricot and peach as well as scents of woodland flowers and herbs such as sage.

Pleasingly dry and intense with light mineral notes and a pleasant hint of bitter almond in the finish.

Never overly acidic, but rather soft and balanced.
Langhe Blagheur
Dark ruby red with violet highlights.

Complex, ample and persistent, it reminds one of wild berries.
Spicy notes and dried flowers complete this decidedly important aroma.

The first taste shows a wine rich in body and tannins with a dense texture.

The long finish is soft and velvety which makes this wine pleasant and very enjoyable.
Barbera D'Alba
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