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This emblematic Malbec is the result of joint efforts between man and nature.

Elaborated with carefully selected vines from the best vineyards in the district of “Cuadro Benegas”, southwest of San Rafael, Mendoza.

Deep, intense ruby red and purple hue. Like a diamond in the night!

Marked presence of the fruit aromas in the attack with a good structure and nicely preserved tannins give this wine a long and succulent finish.

Fresh taste of plum and blackberry. Notes of moka and coffee.
Malbec Reserve
This pure Malbec, single grape, symbolizes the San Rafael region, at foothill of the Andes mountains: A rich soil and the purity of a high altitude vineyard.

Deep and intense red color. Its personal dark tones comes from the purity of the grape and his aging in oak barrel.

Presence of mature red
fruit taste with vanilla and caramel.

Strong personality: it combines the natural quality of the grape from
Mendoza with French elegance.
Blend Selection
This wine comes from modern vineyards located at an elevation of 3000 feet above sea level, in the privileged region of southwest San Rafael,Province of Mendoza.

Magnificent red colored wine with violet nuances suggested by unique soil
and climate conditions.

Great aromatic range of red fruits and spicy notes, give this Blend Selection the distinction of a typical wine from the south of Mendoza.

Elegant on the palate with nice round tannins and great balance.
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